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a symbol of power

We went to the local Chinese Temple in Malaysia with Roselyn’s family. As part of the ceremony, you can talk to the┬áSpirit Medium for advice and guidance. Of course, Jan absolutely had to consult the medium. During the session, many questions were asked, the Whiskey offering was drank, and the answers were translated backwards and forwards between Mandarin and English.

It was quite simple, Jan did not have enough power at work. To remedy this, it is absolutely crucial for Jan to have a statue of a dog on the work desk. Not just any dog, one with a long nose and power display. Jan took the words of wisdom to heart and agreed to complete this quest.

After the session, we searched for weeks to find the right statue to fulfill the requirements. We could not find one in Malaysia or Belgium. Then we remembered! Studio JAR can create the custom dog statue. One that meets the criteria, shows power and is also a showcase of the studio JAR design capability.

After many sketches, cutting wood, filing and hammering a thumb, Bruno was born!