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Tom Delfien Vanity Unit

Fiberglass reinforced category 0 concrete

A vanity unit design with a white concrete top custom made by studio JAR on a plywood cupboard with a welded frame. Two hanging sinks are mounted underneath the top.

Tom and DelfienĀ  were in the middle of building their first house together. They dreamed to have a custom made vanity unit for their brand new bathroom and were introduced to Roselyn. Studio JAR worked with Tom and Delfien on budgeting, sketching and designing the cupboard to match the bathroom cupboard they imagined. A few sketches later the design was born. Roselyn and studio JAR friend Inge welded together the metal base frame to achieve the thin legs Tom and Delfien wanted while still be sturdy enough to carry the unit. Then the panels were cut to size and the curved handles were cut by hand by Roselyn, then finished with wax. In the meantime, the mold was made for the white concrete top and left to cure for 10 days in the studio JAR living room … Jan broke the first concrete top while unmoulding it and still speaks of his manly strength to this day. So we made a second concrete top with fiberglass reinforced category 0 white concrete with a hand polish finish. The unit was carried upstairs and installed including all the plumbing. While installing Tom found that another shelf would be great and he was right! So we went back, cut up some more panels for the additional shelf and installed it a few days later when we also installed the second concrete top.

This was a fantastic project to work closely with Tom and Delfien – and to weld metal, cut and wax wood, pour and polish concrete, and hear all about Jan’s manly strength all the time.