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Martelaren Corner

The organic curved wood framed structure follows the contour of the busy street corner to fill a small forgotten piece of land. The unique 2 persons dwelling is highlighted by a 3 story vertical garden and a clever facade allowing unobstructed views and privacy.

Vertical Garden

Hidden within the home is a full height vertical garden and terrace which acts as a light well and maximizes a peculiar crevice between the adjacent houses. The mini wooden decks and sliding doors create an outside feel and sense of space.

Timber Facade

Multiple large windows hidden behind the wooden panels have three distinct unobstructed views into each of the three streets of the intersection while preserving the privacy of the occupants.  The wooden panels are full height and parallel to the facade thus creating an optical illusion where only part of the inside is visible to passerby’s.

Functional Balustrade

The floating staircase follows the curvature of the façade and runs from the front door across the building to the second level with a small pause mid-way to access the bedroom. The balustrades are functional on each level and provide a usable physical barrier while maintaining the safety requirements. On the bedroom level, the balustrade is a custom designed low cupboard. On the living level, the kitchen serves as the balustrade.

Morning Window Seat

On both stair landings, a comfortable deep window seat creates a cozy hideout to read books or have a coffee taking advantage of the morning sun and distant view down the main street.