Book of Brussels – de Marollen

As the saying goes, you are never alone with a good book.

The Book of Brussels(BOB) is a really big book with life-size interactive pages located on the slopes of the Justice Palace in the Marollen district of Brussels. There is no district that typifies Brussels more than this old working-class district. 

Like the Marolles, BOB stimulates the imagination. The result is a tool that creates the right context for meeting, dialogue and connection between citizens, local organisations and government. The fear of the white paper, the writer's block, is avoided by the tangible possibilities for co-creation and is the impetus for writing a unique neighbourhood story.
Over time, the book will grow organically with the needs and wishes of the neighbourhood. Stories made for Brussels, by Brussels.

BOB is a collaboration with Gulf Length, Vzw Vrienden van het Huizeke, and Recyclart(construction) and financed by the City of Brussels.